Cover Reveal: Earth Bound

Are you ready for some gorgeousness?

at the top of the image, a man and a woman in mid century clothing embrace. the middle contains the book title (Earth Bound) floating above a sky full of stars. in the bottom are the author names (Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner)

I’ve been staring at it for a month now, so I’m thrilled to finally share it with you. And it fits the book perfectly. To wit:

Houston, Texas, 1961

Eugene Parsons requires perfection from his staff. Anything less would be an unnecessary risk—and Parsons hates both risk and distraction. Nothing is more distracting than the brilliant, beautiful computer scientist on his team, but he’s determined to ignore his attraction since he needs her to get America to the moon.

Charlie Eason is used to men underestimating her. It comes with being a woman in engineering, but anything is worth joining the space race—even if she can’t figure out what’s behind the intense looks one tightly wound engineer keeps sending her. But life isn’t as unemotional or predictable as code, and things soon boil over with the intriguingly demanding Parsons.

With every launch, their secret affair grows thornier. The lines between work and play tangle even as Parsons and Charlie try to keep them separate. But when a mission goes wrong, they’ll have to put aside their pride for the greater good—and discover that matters of the heart have a logic all their own.

We’re aiming for an early May release, but we don’t have preorder links yet. There are some answers to frequently asked questions and an excerpt here and you can add the book on Goodreads, check out its Pinterest board, or join the series mailing list. Now I have to return to the editing cave so you can have this book in your hands in three months!

Cover Reveal: A Midnight Clear

Don’t say Gen and I never gave you anything.

a man and a woman embracing against a starry sky with snow and a street lamp in the foreground. the title (A midnight clear) and author names (Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner) appear

Annapolis, Maryland, 1948

Frances Dumfries is the perfect admiral’s daughter. She runs the household, hosts the parties, and never falls for the midshipmen surrounding her. Having fun or putting herself first is definitely not on her schedule. And she doesn’t want anyone—particularly not a man too handsome and kind for his own good—to point that out.

Midshipman Joe Reynolds sympathizes: ever since he tumbled headlong into love with Frances, life hasn’t been much fun. With only so much time until he ships out from the Naval Academy, he’s racing the clock, and her refusal to give him a second look, to secure her affection. But this sailor isn’t surrendering in the campaign to win her heart.

Torn between duty and selfishness, it will take a Christmas miracle to show Frances and Joe that love is rare, precious… and worth fighting for.


There won’t be preorder links for this one. We’re wrapping up edits and hope it will go live in the next week. If you want to know as soon as it’s available, join the Fly Me to the Moon mailing list.

Follow me below the fold for frequently asked questions!

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Cover Reveal: Star Dust

As promised, here is the cover for Star Dust.

cover for Star Dust. The text reads: Star Dust, Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner. It shows a couple embracing in front of the Milky Way star field.

The cover designer was none other than my amazing critique partner and co-writer Genevieve Turner (did I mention that she’s amazing?). But maybe it’s even better with a blurb:

Houston, 1962
Anne-Marie Smith wanted normal: a loving husband, two beautiful kids, and a well-kept house. But when she catches her husband cheating, she decides that normal isn’t worth it. Now in a new city with a new job, she’s trying to find her new normal—but she knows it doesn’t include the sexy playboy astronaut next door.

Commander Kit Campbell has a taste for fast: fast cars, fast planes, and even faster women. But no ride he’s ever taken will be as fast as the one he’s taking into orbit. He’s willing to put up with the prying adoration of an entire country if it will get him into space.

But Anne-Marie and Kit’s inconvenient attraction threatens both normal and fast. As the space race heats up, his ambitions and their connection collide and combustion threatens their plans… and their hearts.

The book is available for preorder at Amazon, iBooks, and Kobo (more links coming soon!). You can also add it to your Goodreads shelves, join the mailing list for the Fly Me to the Moon series, or check out the book’s Pinterest board.

I’ll put up an excerpt later today (ETA: you can now read the prologue/first chapter), but in the meantime, I can’t tell you how excited I am for the book’s release in October!

Cover Reveal: Party Lines

I considered doing a cover reveal, or sitting on this until my own exhaustion from Private Politics’ release faded, but I’m crap at keeping secrets. So here’s something pretty for your Monday: the cover for Party Lines.

Party Lines Cover

Gorgeous, right? I think it’s my favorite cover for the series.

I don’t have a full blurb yet, but here’s the log line: “As a presidential campaign rages, and a reckless affair becomes a relationship, a cynical Democrat and an ambitious Republican will have to choose between party loyalty and their hearts.”

You have a wait four whole months for the book to be out, but it’s already available for presale at AmazonB&NKobo, and Google Play with more venues to follow soon. You can also add it to your Goodreads shelves.

Private Politics: Cover Reveal

Less than two weeks ago, I finished writing the final book in The Easy Part series. I’m still promoting Special Interests (and to everyone who has reviewed the book or said nice things and mixed things about it–thank you!). And in less than 3 months, Private Politics will be out.

That’s right: on September 8, the second book in the series can be yours.

Do you want to see the cover?

Private Politics Cover



I don’t have the final blurb yet–sorry!–but there are some minor spoilers on the book’s Pinterest board. (ETA: here’s the log line: A non-profit fundraiser needs help dealing with a scandal from a political blogger, but as their hearts and ambitions collide, they find out that everything in Washington comes with a price.)

I adore Millie and Parker from Special Interests. Their story, and the experience of writing that book, were so important to me. But Alyse and Liam are delightful. I love them and I hope you will too.

You can pre-order Private Politics on Amazon and Kobo and add it to your Goodreads shelves. In the meantime, I’ll be here. Staring.

Cover Reveal: Special Interests

After months of waiting (at least that’s what it feels like), here is the cover for Special Interests.

Special Interests Cover

Do you love it? It captures so much of the mood and setting of the book. I can’t stop looking at it.

Seeing the cover makes my book release seem real. I’ll post some excerpts in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, here’s the blurb.

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Cover Reveal

I have heard lots of authors say that their imminent publication started to seem real only when they saw the cover for their first book. Well, add me to that list.

Up to this moment, the thought of being published had a hazy, surreal, day-dreamy quality. The process just didn’t seem that different from what I’d already been doing. I’d been getting feedback on and revising Brave in Heart since last year, so it wasn’t like that was new. I’d been thinking about marketing the book for a long while, so actually starting to do so was sort of dream-like but not all that unusual.

But looking at the cover leaves me a little speechless. My manuscript is a book, a real, live book. How odd. How delightful.

Enough preamble! Do you want to see it? Well, follow me below the fold.

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