Covers, Blurbs, and Fly Me to the Moon Series Questions

If you’re on our mailing list, you’ve already seen these (and if not, sign up here!), but here are the covers for Free Fall and A Midnight Feast. The blurbs are after the break along with some FAQs.

Free Fall

Houston, Texas, 1965

When an accident rocks the American Space Department, threatening the race to the moon, the agency wants to eliminate distractions, including those in the bedroom.

Astronaut Dean Garland, on track to become the first man to walk in space, is fine with that. Except the directive comes too late to prevent the biggest distraction of all: Vivian Muller… Garland. But now that he’s married, Dean is determined to follow the rules until the mission is complete.

Vivy never expected to find herself pregnant or in a shotgun marriage, much less a sexless one. While Dean might be impenetrable, though, he’s also alluring, so she’s eager to make her new husband fall for her, even if it means bending—or breaking—the rules.

Dean’s resolve to keep marriage and work separate hits another serious snag: the suit he’s supposed to wear in the killer vacuum of space isn’t reliable, and his father-in-law manufactured it. As Dean unravels the technical problem and Vivy tries to win her husband’s love, their hearts and his life hang in the balance.

A Midnight Feast

Houston, Texas, 1965

Margie Dunsford relishes her role as the leader of the astronaut wives. With her children away and her guests canceling, she faces a terrifying prospect: an entire Thanksgiving weekend alone with her husband.

Mitch knows the fire has gone out in his marriage, but he fears if he attempts to reignite it, Margie will freeze him out forever. Now he’s determined to use the distraction-free weekend to win her back.

Twenty years of resentments can’t be erased in a few fevered days, and Margie and Mitch will have to learn how to speak with their hearts instead of their hurts if they are going to save their marriage.

  • When will Star Crossed re-release? We’ve been revising the book, and it’s starting to go well. Not only are we addressing the concerns readers raised, but we feel like it’s turning into what it should have been from the start. We love Bev and Geri, and we want the book to be worthy of them. We plan to hire a sensitivity reader before the re-release, however, so we’re not ready to announce a date yet. Stay tuned!
  • Wait, in the Free Fall blurb, there’s something about an accident. What happens? Do people die? To emphasize: this is a romance, but something goes seriously wrong and this book deals with the fallout. After two fairly dark and angst-y books, we wanted to write something that’s pure fun, and despite the dark set-up, Free Fall is the book version of cotton candy.
  • How long is Free Fall and when will it be out? We haven’t quite finished writing or revising yet, but it should end up around 70K, or shorter full-length. It will release in early Fall 2017. We’ll let you know when we have a date. You can preorder it at iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo; we’ll have more links soon.
  • Why aren’t either of these Carruthers’ story? Ha, how far we’ve come from people hating him in Star Dust to emailing us begging for him to fall in love now. All we’ll say is he’s on a long road to redemption and he might be hero material someday.
  • Mitch and Margie’s story—how is that even possible? Aren’t they married? They are, but as any fan of the series knows, it hasn’t been an easy road. They have to confront some demons to get to happily ever after. We’ve had more emails and questions about Margie than anyone else in the series (even Carruthers), and we had to write her story.
  • How long is A Midnight Feast and when will it be out? It’s a long novella, about 37K, and we plan to release it in late October or early November 2017. We will have a few chapters exclusive to the mailing list around the time of the book’s release. You can preorder it here: iBooksBarnes & Noble, and Kobo. More links soon!
  • What’s the future of the Fly Me to the Moon series? Our plan is to release a full-length book in 2018 and the final full-length series entry in 2019. There might be some other novellas in there, we can’t say for sure, but we hope you’ll be along for the ride.

Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll try to answer them!

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