Chick Magnet

From Emma Barry comes a clever romance about a hot veterinarian and a chicken-loving influencer who can’t help but ruffle each other’s feathers.

Nicole Jones needs a fresh start. “Chick Nic” to millions of internet fans, the social media star and her flock of chickens bask in the spotlight—until she’s publicly dumped by a YouTuber for clout. She has no choice but to round up her birds and move on.

But when one of her hens has an emergency, Nic gets her first taste of her new stomping grounds—and it isn’t good. Veterinarian Will Lund is wildly attractive, yes, but he’s also surly. In fact, he comes right out and calls her a menace for parading her chickens on social media.

As neighbors, Nic and Will can’t exactly avoid each other. Then again, maybe they don’t want to. The two can’t deny their smoldering attraction, and it isn’t long before late-night confessions lead to backyard shenanigans.

Is this the start of a neighborly relationship—or could something more be hatching?

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  • How long is Chick Magnet? 82,000 words, or single-title length.
  • What’s the heat level? It’s sensual but not erotic.
  • Are there any content notes? On-page sex and alcohol use; profanity; on-page animals in medical peril (they all survive); passing references to animal illness and death; grief over past loss (grandmother); situational depression, family tension, and off-page therapy; references to Internet harassment and COVID; a business in financial trouble; gaslighting; an incident of stalking.
  • What inspired you to write the book? I keep chickens, and several years ago, a neighbor I had never met knocked on my door to let me that one escaped. He and I chased it–in the rain–for half an hour, and I just knew I was living someone’s meet cute. (Not mine, to be clear!) So I wrote the book to go with the story. You can check out the book playlist here and the Pinterest board here.
  • Do you have any bonus content for the book? There’s an alternate (and steamy!) version of chapter 8 here for your reading pleasure. I always share this kind of thing with my newsletter subscribers first; you can sign up here.
  • I’d like to review the book. Awesome! I hope you love it, but if you don’t, I support your right to review it honestly however and wherever you want. Reviews are for readers not writers. While bad reviews are unpleasant, I’ll live and I won’t harass you about it. Promise.