Fly Me to the Moon

Fly Me to the Moon is a series of space-race romances co-written by Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner.

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Star Dust (Book 1): As the race to the moon heats up, a divorcee looking for her new normal and an astronaut reaching for a dream discover combustion isn’t just for rockets.

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Earth Bound (Book 2): An intense engineer and a brilliant computer scientist give everything to their work—except the energy consumed by their secret affair. When a mission goes wrong, they’ll put their pride aside for the greater good and discover that matters of the heart have a logic all their own.

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Round Midnight (Book 3): It’ll take a Christmas miracle to show a duty-bound admiral’s daughter and a romantic sailor that love is rare, precious, and worth fighting for. And then an uptight pilot and a jilted southern belle share a New Year’s Eve kiss, but can their relationship stand up to the harsh light of day?

(Previously released as A Midnight Clear and A Midnight Kiss)

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A Midnight Feast (Book 4): After twenty years of deployments and resentment, the queen bee of the astronaut wives can’t stand her husband. But when they find themselves all alone for Thanksgiving, he wages a campaign to win back her heart.

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Free Fall (Book 5): A laconic astronaut with a faulty suit faces the first space walk—and an unexpected marriage. His brash new wife wants his affection, but the mission hangs in the balance. (Coming Spring 2018)

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