It’s No Spoiler

Tomorrow evening, I’ll be moderating a panel on Love’s Sweet Arrow’s YouTube channel to celebrate the release of Olivia Dade’s Spoiler Alert, an absolutely delightful rom-com that riffs on You’ve Got Mail/The Shop Around the Corner and modern fandom. Olivia will be there, and so will the wonderful Mia Sosa, and it’s going to be AWESOME. For more information, check out the LSA page here, and you can register here.

Also, I forgot to mention this in advance, but the country’s other romance bookstore, The Ripped Bodice, teamed up with Besame Cosmetics to do a vintage 60s makeup tutorial for Star Dust. You can watch it here, and it’s super fun and interesting. I’ve actually been wearing eye shadow more as a result, though I’m not nearly this glamorous.

Finally, I’ve been writing. Like a lot. Like I might actually finish a full-length book again. It’s not done, so I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but it feels so good to be writing sort of consistently, to not hate every word I put on the page, and to generally feel like I might want to tell stories again. Just so, so good.

Housekeeping Notes

  • The authors from He’s Come Undone will be day drinking with Molly O’Keefe on her Facebook page on Monday at 4 pm EST. We’re going to donate to the Black Mental Health Alliance for each comment, so come join us and sip on Unravelers, and we’ll give a lot of money to a good cause!
  • After my big podcasts post back in March (OMG, remember March?), I appeared on another episode of Shelf Love talking about myths about romance. Specifically, I make the argument that romances are well written. It’s an all-around great episode, and you should listen.
  • Lastly, I’m now unagented. This reflects nothing about my former agent and everything about how I’m a dumpster fire disguised as a writer. I just need to power-cycle everything about how I work and my career and get myself back on track, and I needed a fresh start to do it.

Covers, Blurbs, and Fly Me to the Moon Series Questions

If you’re on our mailing list, you’ve already seen these (and if not, sign up here!), but here are the covers for Free Fall and A Midnight Feast. The blurbs are after the break along with some FAQs.

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Odds and Ends

These are all related to the Sight Unseen release, but I’ve gathered them for your listening/reading pleasure:

  • Heroes and Heartbreakers had a post of Sight Unseen excerpts–and included polls about who wrote what. I’ve so enjoyed hearing all the guesses. Please let me know yours using the #SUWho hashtag.
  • All five us talked the book concept at Happily Ever After.
  • I had an essay at Smexy Books about identity, truth, and disguise.
  • I went on the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books podcast along with Sherry Thomas and Erin Satie to talk Sight Unseen. It was surreal as I listen to the podcast all. the. time.

Private Politics On Sale

book cover reading

I’m so sorry about posting several “buy this book” posts in a row (I try to avoid that), but I just found out that Private Politics is on sale for 99 cents! It’s never been discounted before, so grab it now if you were waiting.

I’m not sure why it’s on sale or how long that price will last, but I’m super fond of this book, and here’s the best pitch I can make for it: Liam is maybe my favorite among the heroes I’ve written. He’s smart, nerdy, not insanely good looking or rich–but completely gone for the heroine Alyse. Alyse was more polarizing, but I love her. She’s been living her life as a vacuous socialite, but she’s realizing she wants other things. There’s a scandal involving illegal giving by foreign entities (so quaint) and a lot of DC insidery stuff, but it’s mostly this quiet romance.

The sale price is only showing up at Amazon and Google Play, but hopefully it’ll proliferate later.

ETA: and the sale price is now also at B&NiBooks, and Kobo, but it does seem to be US only (I’m sorry!). Again, I have no idea how long this will last, so click fast.

Star Dust Free!


Exciting news: Star Dust is currently free. You can obtain it all fine e-book retailers, including AmazoniBooksB&NGoogle Play, and Kobo. (For the record, there is a Star Dust paperback, but it alas is not free.)

It’s part of the OMG Reads Stock Up for the Holidays event. There are some amazing titles here. I particularly recommend Tamsen Parker, Melissa Blue, Zoe York, and Lyn Brittan, though they’re all friends, so I’m biased. Some of these deals are one-day only, so click fast.

Plus the December Midnight Kiss box from Ever After is going to include download cards for Round Midnight, which we’re really excited about. To celebrate, Genevieve and I are giving away a coupon that’s good for that box. (Which is shipping next week!)

To enter, follow this link to Rafflecopter and click away. Please note that the contest is open to US residents only as Ever After doesn’t ship internationally.

Happy holidays, friends!

Things to Know Before Your First Book Signing


As I mentioned, I recently participated in my first reader event/book signing/talking to real live people book event.

I survived. Since making conversation with total strangers, let alone selling things to them, ranks somewhere after dental work on a list of things I enjoy, this wasn’t a given. But after the first hour or two, it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. Here, however, are some things I wish I had known to do.

  • Bring something to cover your spot withsuch as a tablecloth or fabric. The tables at this event were draped, but one white table after another is monotonous. I’m going to hit the fabric store to look for a few yards of a retro print (maybe something space aged?). I won’t even bother hemming it (not that I can sew!); just folding the fabric and having it under my books would have helped brand me and differentiate my space.
  • Get your stuff off the table. I did print a flier with the Fly Me to the Moon series covers, one-sentence blurbs, and prices and put it in a cheap frame, but beyond that, my plan was to have piles of books sitting there with some little cards sprinkled around. One of my kind CRW chapter mates had some extra book stands she was nice enough to lend me, thus saving me from this fate. I will absolutely find some stands before my next event. I will also reconsider the flier design and focus on something with several large graphics and no text.
  • Flip some of your books over. Because people might want to read the blurbs, use the book stands or multiple piles so that the backs are displayed too.
  • Consider how people will pay youI knew that some of the CRW members had Square Readers and were willing to share, but I didn’t consider the possibility that potential buyers might hand me cash (how would I make change?) or want to write a check (does that require me to give them my legal name so I can cash it?). If you’re planning to do a lot of reader events or signings, investigate getting a Square. And in any event, have some small bills on hand if people want to pay with cash.
  • Get some swag. You will not sell a book to everyone who stops to speak with you, so bookmarks, download cards, postcards, and business cards are good things to have. Other swag is too of course: it helps make your table extra appealing and can help you sell books. (Several of my chapter mates had things like, “if you buy two books, you get X,” which was a great idea.) But paper goods are cheaper for you and easier for people to stow in their purses and bags.
  • Have a pen. In the event that someone does buy one of your books, she’ll probably ask you to sign it. So make sure you have a nice pen.

I’d love to hear more about book signings and reader events you’ve attended–either as a reader or a writer. What else should I do before my next event to make it more successful?

Odds and Ends


  • Happy Halloween! I hope your day is spooky in the best way and filled with chocolate.
  • I’ll be at the Virginia Beach Ultimate Show for Women this Saturday (details here!) with this stuff. The Chesapeake Romance Writers have a corner booth, so presumably we’ll be in…one of the corners. I’ll be giving away a basket with a copy of Star Dust,  a cocktail glass, and some cherries, plus I’ll have Fly Me to the Moon paperbacks for sale, mini bookmarks to give away, and maybe even some free download cards for Round Midnight.
  • Speaking of Round Midnight, it’ll be out on November 16. If you still haven’t gotten your e-copy of A Midnight Clear for free, download it now, because it’ll disappear when Round Midnight releases.
  • NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow! I don’t have one single project to tackle, but I’ll be trying to bank 50K words on several different things. This NaNoWriMo is also the fifth anniversary of when I started writing fiction. If you’re curious, you can read the first chapter of my first NaNoWriMo book here.

Earth Bound Release Day (and Champagne Jello!)

It’s finally here! Charlie and Parsons have finally arrived. This book, y’all, this book. Gen and I wrote the first draft Earth Bound in about six weeks over the winter holidays. Once we started working on it, the words poured out.

It’s a workplace romance about two grumpy, brilliant people who are so smitten, but so bad at feelings. Erin from Binge on Books described it on Twitter as a cross between Mad Men, The Martian, and Pride and Prejudice. It’s dark, but funny. It’s about early computers, but it’s sexy. I just love it, and I hope you will too. (And for anyone who hasn’t read Star Dust or A Midnight Clear, you can start the series with Earth Bound no problem.)

If you’re so inclined, you can purchase Earth Bound in e-book (and print!) at AmazoniBooksB&NGoogle Play, and Kobo. You can also add it to your Goodreads shelves, join series’ the mailing list, or visit the book’s Pinterest board.

How else could I appropriately celebrate a book I adore this much? I’d already made a retro feast for Star Dust. But there was an new frontier: booze-y Jello.

Champagne Jello Close Up


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