The One You Crave


Nothing is going Senate scheduler Molly Mason’s way. Her boss faces indictment, she got dumped on a first date, and she has laundry issues. When Gavin O’Neill pops up from behind a dryer to help—all six feet of tattooed, bearded, rocker bad boy deliciousness—Molly decides that she’s earned a break from her real life. She thinks it’s only a fling. He thinks she’s playing hard to get. But if they can stop thinking, they might discover there’s more to life and love than they’d been asking for.

“Kissing and Other Forms of Sedition”

When a global crisis threatens to go nuclear, the world tips upside down and spills out Graham Wilcox’s unspoken feelings for Cadence Martel. Cadence is equal parts shocked and delighted by his confession, but one night of passion isn’t enough. So the new lovers set out on a road trip to save the world. 

“The Fourth Estate”

Reporter Drew Orlov wants to write about the corrupt president hurting regular Americans, but readers only care about the bombshells penned by his rival Brynn Allen. When he goes after Brynn’s high-level source, though, he finds himself snagged on more complicated—and personal—feelings. Brynn’s been working her tail off and doesn’t have time for Drew, even if he does look good when he smolders. They’re soon locked in a tussle for the truth with their hearts on the line.


Public defender Maddie Clark doesn’t want to be a candidate for the state senate—but she’s running. Her high school nemesis turned campaign advisor Adam Kadlick shouldn’t be back home working on elections—but he is. They definitely should avoid falling for each other—but they won’t.

Contains some previously released material

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  • How long is The One You Crave? 86,000 words. To break that down further, “Aspiring” is 35K, “Kissing” is 14K, “The Fourth Estate” is 18K, and “Run” is 18K.
  • What’s the heat level? It’s sensual but not erotic.
  • Are there any content notes? On-page sex and alcohol use; profanity; on-page stress and anxiety about current affairs; references to drug use, incarceration, and exploitation of prisoners; extensive political discussion.
  • Why is it in Kindle Unlimited and not wide release? I moved the Political Persuasions series into KU in September 2022 as an experiment. Depending on how it goes, it may stay in KU or I may return to wide release. We’ll see!
  • What inspired you to write the book? I loved Molly Mason when she appeared in Private Politics/The One You Need. I felt terrible about how Liam had treated her (I knew he would too), and so when the original series was releasing, I wrote a rough version of her romance with Gavin. But it had been sitting on my hard drive until I requested a rights reversion from my publisher, and my critique partner asked if I was planning to publish it too. I read and enjoyed it, and so I decided to repackage it along with the novelettes I’d written for the Rogue Hearts series, which were originally published in 2017 and 2018.
  • Can it standalone? Yes. While I’ve listed it as the fourth book in a series, there’s no information that you need from the other books, and it’s only lightly connected to them. Molly appears in one chapter of The One You Need, but otherwise, there are only a few passing references to the world/characters of the other books.
  • I don’t like politics. Should I still read the book?  I answer this question in depth here. “Aspiring” is not a partisan story; it’s a burn out romance with a would-be rock star. The other three novelettes, however, are enmeshed with contemporary politics, so your mileage may vary.
  • How different is The One You Crave from your previously published material? “Aspiring” is brand new and has never been published before. The other three stories are lightly edited from their original versions, and I did include an epilogue for “Kissing and Other Forms of Sedition” that I wrote as a Valentine’s Day bonus for my newsletter subscribers.
  • I’d like to review the book. Awesome! I hope you love it, but if you don’t, I support your right to review it honestly however and wherever you want. Reviews are for readers not writers. While bad reviews are unpleasant, I’ll live and I won’t harass you about it. Promise.