Cover Reveal: A Midnight Kiss and Star Crossed

I’m so happy to share the covers for the next TWO Fly Me to the Moon books with you. We’ve been sitting on these for forever, and it’s been very hard not to wallpaper the internet with them.

The blurbs and some FAQs are after the break.

MidnightKiss copy

Huntsville, Alabama, 1950

New Year’s Eve is a night for old friends, new hopes, and champagne dreams—and Betty Parrish intends to take full advantage. But when her long-term beau makes one too many arrogant comments, she throws him out. After all, who needs men?

Greg Henkins’s New Year’s plans involve tools and engines, not dances and debutantes. But when the vivacious Betty runs into him, his night ends up head over heels. After all, who could resist a midnight kiss?

Greg and Betty are intoxicated by what they share at midnight, but will their budding relationship wilt in the sober light of morning?


Houston, Texas, 1964

Geraldine Brixton is ready to make history as the first female American astronaut. After a childhood traveling the air show circuit, she works as a pilot, so she’s more than prepared for the flying. But space demands more than operating equipment and the last obstacle in her way is also the most serious: math.

Beverly Fox has made a career crunching the numbers that launch men into space. Numbers aren’t her problem: limits are. From the narrow expectations of her parents to discrimination at work, Bev’s life has been cut down over and over. Only in her hidden time after dark does she feel whole.

Wanting to do her part to get a woman into space, Bev offers to help Geri conquer math. But neither anticipates her intense attraction—or that it might be shared. Together, they could soar to everything they’ve ever wanted, but will their secrets bring them crashing back to Earth?

Since you’ve likely got questions, here are some answers!

When can I read A Midnight Kiss? Greg and Betty’s story will be serialized in six installments on the Fly Me to the Moon mailing list beginning in late September. We’ll make a full version available for free to our subscribers; it’ll then be in a duology with A Midnight Clear at retailers in mid-November.

How long is A Midnight Kiss? It’s 21,000 words, or short novella length.

What’s the heat level for A Midnight Kiss? Sweet. There’s a midnight kiss (duh), but don’t go in expecting steamy.

What about Star Crossed—when will it be out? January 2017, though we can’t be more specific than that.

How long is Star Crossed? It’s, um, not finished yet. Our best guess is it will end up category length, probably a little longer than Star Dust and a little shorter than Earth Bound.

What’s the heat level for Star Crossed? Hot but not erotic.

Where can I preorder? You can preorder Star Crossed at iBooks and you can add both titles on Goodreads here. We’ll have more preorder links soon.

What’s after Star Crossed? You’ll have to wait and see. ; )

If you aren’t already on the mailing list, be sure to join so you don’t miss Greg and Betty’s story!

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