A Midnight Clear is Live!

The text reads "It'll take a Christmas miracle to show a duty-bound admiral's daughter and a romantic midshipman that love is rare, precious and worth fighting for." Behind the text are a man and a woman kissing.

It took a few days to go live everywhere, but A Midnight Clear is available (and FREE) wherever e-books are sold, including AmazoniBooksB&NGoogle Play, and Kobo. And it should be free internationally; let me know if this isn’t the case. You can also add it to your Goodreads shelves, join the Fly Me to the Moon mailing list, or check out the book’s Pinterest board (be warned, it’s kind of spoiler-y).

A Midnight Clear is a sweet and romantic holiday cocktail for you from Gen and me. I hope you love it!

Cover Reveal: A Midnight Clear

Don’t say Gen and I never gave you anything.

a man and a woman embracing against a starry sky with snow and a street lamp in the foreground. the title (A midnight clear) and author names (Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner) appear

Annapolis, Maryland, 1948

Frances Dumfries is the perfect admiral’s daughter. She runs the household, hosts the parties, and never falls for the midshipmen surrounding her. Having fun or putting herself first is definitely not on her schedule. And she doesn’t want anyone—particularly not a man too handsome and kind for his own good—to point that out.

Midshipman Joe Reynolds sympathizes: ever since he tumbled headlong into love with Frances, life hasn’t been much fun. With only so much time until he ships out from the Naval Academy, he’s racing the clock, and her refusal to give him a second look, to secure her affection. But this sailor isn’t surrendering in the campaign to win her heart.

Torn between duty and selfishness, it will take a Christmas miracle to show Frances and Joe that love is rare, precious… and worth fighting for.


There won’t be preorder links for this one. We’re wrapping up edits and hope it will go live in the next week. If you want to know as soon as it’s available, join the Fly Me to the Moon mailing list.

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