What a Tease

I’m doing my final read through of Party Lines. This book could be subtitled, “Banter, Canoodling, and Democracy.”

one screenshot from party lines featuring some flirty, policy-related emailsAnd on January 12, 2015, these and other dirty policy jokes can be yours!

Private Politics: Teaser 2

Only two weeks until Private Politics will be out! And today, I’m going to share one of my favorite moments: the epic hug. I’ve teased this before, but it’s a scene that I wrote and thought, “Oh, I like that.” And I’m very critical of my own writing.

The context: Alyse and Liam have a stressful conversation with a third party. Then this happens. There a few bad words.

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Private Politics: Opening Chapter

Hey there, cats and kittens! Private Politics will be out in just over a month. If you like beta heroes, lobbyists, heroines who are finding themselves, scandal, and Mahler, you should be very excited.

And you can read the first chapter just below the fold.

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Special Interests Release Day!

A year ago this happened…

Carina Pitch Screenshot


…and now the book is available at at AmazonB&NCarinaiBooksKoboAll Romance, and Google Play. Also Goodreads.

I wrote Special Interests because I had to, specifically because I had to get a scene out of my head. In almost an act of exorcism, I wrote it down and put it away.

It didn’t work.

But why are they acting like that? I asked myself. So I figured out the characters’ previous interactions, and their backstories, and then what happened next. I’m being intentionally vague because that first scene is essentially chapter 10 (the dialogue changed very little). From that odd little scene, the book grew.

I was at the Goddess Fish release party yesterday with some teasers. I’ll update this post throughout the week should any more coverage appear. But in the meantime, I’m excited and nervous and apprehensive and thrilled it’s finally out.

Mostly, though, I’m grateful to the people who supported me when I was writing the book, who took it seriously and helped me make it better, and who have told me they want to read it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Special Interests isn’t autobiographical, but it is deeply personal. If you do pick it up–no pressure!–I hope you’ll like it.

ETA: So I’d been linking to reviews, etc. here and–surprise!–it created trackblogs on those blogs. Oops. Technological stupidity strikes again! I deleted those links because I didn’t want to mess with reader-only spaces or to seem like I was censoring them in any way. I love reviews–any and all reviews–and definitely don’t want to meddle. I’ve contacted the blogs and asked them to delete the trackbacks. But in the meantime, just pretend I was never there. ; )

Special Interests: Opening Chapter

Since some reviewers have gotten their hands on Special Interests (and if you’re a reviewer, you can too; check NetGalley!), I thought it was only fair to post the opening chapter for non-reviewer consumption. Follow me below the fold…

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