Special Interests On Sale!

A price alert informed me that Special Interests is on sale for 99 cents. I have no idea how long this deal will last, so click now if you’re inclined. It’s available at AmazonB&NiBooksKobo, and Google Play.

She’s an idealist who wants to stay behind the scenes but has been thrust into a a high stakes negotiation. He’s a pragmatist playboy who wants to get the federal budget done. They’re absolutely mesmerized by each other even as they know it’s a terrible idea. A terribly sexy idea.

This was my contemporary debut, and the people who liked it seemed to really liked it. It has a kind of dreamy chemistry that holds up.

Content warnings for on-page night terrors/therapy and an extremely detailed look at how the federal budget gets done, plus on-page sex, alcohol, and swearing.

Happy Book Birthday to Special Interests


According to Facebook’s anniversaries, Special Interests released three years ago today. It’s been a rough week for me writing-wise, but this anniversary feels significant. I’ve talked before about how the theme of the series is having your life not go according to plan and trying to remake yourself, to imagine your life differently, in the face of that. It’s optimistic about self-growth, an idea I find even more relevant and encouraging today.

Happy Book Birthday, Special Interests!

IMG_0009Two years ago today, my second book released. I wrote it to collect incidents and personalities I observed in Washington and ideas I have about the state of American politics. This is probably why Special Interests is wonky and insidery. I truly never thought I’d sell it or that anyone would read it, so I wrote staffers who talked, thought, loved, drank, and snarked liked the one I was and the ones I knew.

I recently re-read it, and I’m a better writer and far more aware of the romance market than I was back in 2012 when I was drafting. But that I wouldn’t write it the same way now–or probably wouldn’t write it at all–is what makes Special Interests, erm, special to me.

It’s a book about two people who meet and are immediately gobsmacked, but because of the narrow yet deep differences in their personalities and worldviews, they can’t imagine a future together. But they can’t quite stay away from each other either.

This has always been one of my favorite bits. It’s from Millie and Parker’s first date.

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Special Interests On Sale!

Good news: from now until June 22, Special Interests is only 99 cents! This price should be live everywhere it’s for sale in both the United States and Canada. In the year since its release, this is the first time Special Interests has been on sale. If you’ve been waiting to buy it, now is the time.

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If you need them, here are the buy links: Amazon | B&N | Carina | iBooks | KoboGoogle Play.

Since my books aren’t on sale often, and I’d like more people to check out the series, I’ll be obnoxious about this on social media in the next two weeks. I apologize in advance!

Also, there are three complete or nearly complete things on my hard drive, two of which I’m planning to self-publish this year. So if you’ve been waiting for new words from me, they’re coming.

ETA: I scheduled this to go up over the weekend, but as of Monday morning, the sale price isn’t live yet anywhere except Amazon Canada. I’ll let you know when it shows up.

ETA2: Okay, the sale price appears to be up most places and should be everywhere soon.

Winter Blahs Giveaway

Thanksgiving has barely ended, Hanukkah is just over a week away, and Christmas looms. Winter weather is sending almost everyone in the United States scurrying for our blankets and cranking up our thermostats. And I’m up to my teeth in papers to grade and dissertation defenses to prepare for (really there’s just the one).

To help with the stress and cold, I’m going to give away a digital copy of a book–specifically one copy of any book I’ve written. There’s the Civil War, second-chance-at-love angst of Brave in Heart, the cynic/idealist budget negotiation of Special Interests, the opposites attract scandal of Private Politics (which has a Jewish beta hero!), and the not-releasing for a month cross-party campaign banter of Party Lines.

The rules: you must be able to accept either an .epub or a .mobi file. And you must comment below and tell me which book you’d like. I’ll pick a winner on Friday, December 15 make that 12, at midnight EST.


Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 8.07.49 AM

I gave everyone a number, 1 through 9, and the random number generator spit out 2. The winner has been emailed!

Boosting the Signal

I’m so grateful to Angela Korra’ti for hosting me today as part of her Boosting the Signal series so that Parker can send (or not send) a memo. If you’ve read the book, he would have drafted this little extra after the meeting in chapter 3.

If you haven’t, it’s a little insight to the snippy, sexy relationship between an arrogant, cynical congressional aide and an idealistic, vulnerable labor organizer. (ETA: for newbies, Millie and Parker meet, she hits on him, he turns her down, and, then, as tends to happen in Washington, she ends up in his office for a meeting. Sparks fly. The memo extra is an attempt to tamp that down–though of course it won’t work.)

For more information about Special Interests, including the first chapter, look here. And for information about book 2–which features their friends Alyse and Liam and a seedy money-laundering scandal–check out Private Politics.

Odds and Ends, Part II

First things first, the Sizzling Summer Reads Event is under way at The Romance Reviews! Literally dozens of prizes are up for grabs including books and gift cards–and this week, one of those prizes is an e-copy of Special Interests. One of the questions for the game today is related to Special Interests and if you read my blog, I’m certain you know the answer. So go forth and enter!

Next, I will soon be available in a box. Specifically this box.

time after time cover

My American Civil War-set historical romance Brave in Heart is one of ten (10!) books in this bundle from Crimson Romance. It will be available starting on July 7 for the amazing cost of 99 cents. Brave in Heart has never been available at that price, let alone with nine other books. If you’ve been waiting to buy it, that would be time.

I don’t have any pre-order links yet, but I will post them when I have ’em. (ETA: you can add the collection on Goodreads.)

Win Me/Bid on Me!

The Special Interests Review Tour Giveaway ends on Thursday night. Hurry, hurry, hurry!

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Also, Brave in Heart is included in the Crimson Romance historical bundle in the Brenda Novak auction, which raises money for diabetes research. If you haven’t read it, you can get it, four other titles, and a $10 gift card for more Crimson books. I love this little book and was thrilled to be included.

Also also, I’m giving away a copy of Special Interests in the first week of The Romance Review’s Sizzling Summer Giveaway in the month of June. Check their site for details!

Odds and Ends

I’m working on book three in The Easy Part series and it’s…well, going slowly. So don’t expect much blogging in the next month. However, in case you missed it:

I talked about politics as a metaphor for romance on the Carina Press blog.

I described the emotional place where I write at Contemporary Romance Cafe.

Don’t forget to get the Special Interests giveaway!

Special Interests Review Tour Giveaway

Thank you to the lovely ladies at Goddess Fish Promotions, Special Interests is going on a review tour. And as part of the tour, I’m giving away a Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card (winner’s choice!) plus two digital copy of Special Interests.

Enter early and often!

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