Snow Day Teaser

So it’s snowing here. And snowing in DC. And thus you get the very first teaser from Special Interests.

“Man, you need to get it together. This negotiation is killing your mojo. If this drags on much longer, you’re going to need professional help,” Jim chided, apparently having overheard.

Parker sent him a dark look. “Did I ask you?”

“I can’t believe you asked anyone. Parker Beckett? Soliciting dating advice? It’s like a DC blizzard. I’ve seen it, but I don’t really believe it. Afterward, it was all hazy and fictional.”

Parker tried to change the subject. “Did you end up talking to Liz Wallace again after I left last night?”

“No, I didn’t. But to be clear, are you still seeing the labor girl?”

“Her name is Millie. And yes.”

More teasers soon. In the meantime, you can pre-order it on Amazon or add it to your Goodreads shelves.

Brave in Heart: Opening

My American Civil War historical romance novella Brave in Heart will only be on sale at Amazon for only a few more days (until the end of February). If you need any enticement to buy it, the prologue and opening chapter are below.

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Cover Reveal

I have heard lots of authors say that their imminent publication started to seem real only when they saw the cover for their first book. Well, add me to that list.

Up to this moment, the thought of being published had a hazy, surreal, day-dreamy quality. The process just didn’t seem that different from what I’d already been doing. I’d been getting feedback on and revising Brave in Heart since last year, so it wasn’t like that was new. I’d been thinking about marketing the book for a long while, so actually starting to do so was sort of dream-like but not all that unusual.

But looking at the cover leaves me a little speechless. My manuscript is a book, a real, live book. How odd. How delightful.

Enough preamble! Do you want to see it? Well, follow me below the fold.

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The Blue Pencil

Historically, editors marked texts for revision with blue pencils. Hardscrabble publishing and journalist characters in nineteenth-century literature are often seen with those writing instruments tucked behind their ears or littering their desks. I once spent several long days in special collections at the Library of Congress reading the letters of an elderly writer written entirely in a large, scrawling hand in blue pencil.

Today, I think the words “red pen” conjure fear in the hearts of many — if we think of editing as happening on paper at all. But there’s something about the revision process that I actually like. It’s so wonderfully absorbing. So fabulously obtuse.

editing brave

At present, I’m working through a paper copy of Brave in Heart trying to finalize my changes. After this, there is only copyediting to go. So expect posting and Tweeting to be light this week. Lots of exciting teasers and posts are in the pipeline, however, and in a little less than two months, you’ll finally be able to read the book!

Now I’ve officially stressed myself out, back to my black pen…

Beautiful Words


I realized that I never did a happy dance when I finished The Easy Part. Last week, I rewrote the last 5,000 words, so I’ll go ahead and do that happy dance now. There’s still a smidgen more revision to do but mostly, I’m waiting to hear about queries and working on sequels for Brave in Heart and The Easy Part. I’d like to have opening chapters that I don’t actively hate soon.