Snow Day Teaser

So it’s snowing here. And snowing in DC. And thus you get the very first teaser from Special Interests.

“Man, you need to get it together. This negotiation is killing your mojo. If this drags on much longer, you’re going to need professional help,” Jim chided, apparently having overheard.

Parker sent him a dark look. “Did I ask you?”

“I can’t believe you asked anyone. Parker Beckett? Soliciting dating advice? It’s like a DC blizzard. I’ve seen it, but I don’t really believe it. Afterward, it was all hazy and fictional.”

Parker tried to change the subject. “Did you end up talking to Liz Wallace again after I left last night?”

“No, I didn’t. But to be clear, are you still seeing the labor girl?”

“Her name is Millie. And yes.”

More teasers soon. In the meantime, you can pre-order it on Amazon or add it to your Goodreads shelves.

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