Teaser Tuesday: Brave in Heart

So in less than one week, Brave in Heart can be yours. Yes, I know: the anticipation is killer. (What? A writer can dream.)

To whet your appetite, here’s a tiny weeny teaser in honor of Teaser Tuesday.

“Margaret, I…” he whispered. One of his hands tangled in her hair while the other ensnared her waist and drew her up to him. He contemplated her face and apparently tried to check himself. He smelled faintly of brandy, but mostly of salt and of warm summer air and of Theo. And soon he would be gone, perhaps forever. He was going to war. She might never have this chance again. She leaned in and pressed her mouth full on his.

There was an instant of still surprise for both of them. Sensations ran through Margaret’s body too quickly to be named. But as her muscles relaxed, she knew relief was paramount among them. His lips felt as they always had: warm, soft, but strong. She had missed him.

You’ve got to love a heroine who takes charge, amirite?

Don’t forget to add Brave in Heart to your to-read shelf on Goodreads and/or to preorder it on Amazon.

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