Star Crossed Release Day!

jello star crossed

It was a very long time coming, but I’m thrilled Star Crossed is now available in both print and e-book! You can pick it up at AmazoniBooksB&NGoogle Play, and Kobo; add it to your Goodreads shelves; join the series mailing list; and see the book’s inspiration board on Pinterest. (Whew.)

Star Crossed is the story of Geri Brixton, an ambitious pilot who’d like to be the first American woman in space, if only she were better with numbers. Reluctantly, Geri agrees to be tutored by Beverly Fox, a mathematician whose work has been getting rockets off the ground and who dreams of love and honesty but has been denied both. Geri and Bev develop a friendship and eventually become lovers, but secrets tear at what they’ve built and threaten everything they hold dear.

As has now become Fly Me to the Moon tradition, I’m celebrating release day with a Jello mold. This one is cranberry orange and courtesy of Martha Stewart.

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Round Midnight Release Day!

MidnightKiss copy

Round Midnight is here! This is boxed set includes the Fly Me to the Moon Christmas and New Year’s Eve novellas, A Midnight Clear and A Midnight Kiss. It’s available at AmazoniBooksB&N, and Google Play (it’ll be at Kobo soon). Those links are all ebook, but you can get it in print too. Here’s the short description:

A pair of holiday romances featuring a romantic sailor, a duty-bound admiral’s daughter, and a Christmas miracle and an uptight pilot, a jilted southern belle, and a New Year’s Eve kiss.

These are both swoony mid-century courtship stories; it’s the book version of a hug and a spiked hot chocolate. The world needs some of that right now.

Earth Bound Release Day (and Champagne Jello!)

It’s finally here! Charlie and Parsons have finally arrived. This book, y’all, this book. Gen and I wrote the first draft Earth Bound in about six weeks over the winter holidays. Once we started working on it, the words poured out.

It’s a workplace romance about two grumpy, brilliant people who are so smitten, but so bad at feelings. Erin from Binge on Books described it on Twitter as a cross between Mad Men, The Martian, and Pride and Prejudice. It’s dark, but funny. It’s about early computers, but it’s sexy. I just love it, and I hope you will too. (And for anyone who hasn’t read Star Dust or A Midnight Clear, you can start the series with Earth Bound no problem.)

If you’re so inclined, you can purchase Earth Bound in e-book (and print!) at AmazoniBooksB&NGoogle Play, and Kobo. You can also add it to your Goodreads shelves, join series’ the mailing list, or visit the book’s Pinterest board.

How else could I appropriately celebrate a book I adore this much? I’d already made a retro feast for Star Dust. But there was an new frontier: booze-y Jello.

Champagne Jello Close Up


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A Midnight Clear is Live!

The text reads "It'll take a Christmas miracle to show a duty-bound admiral's daughter and a romantic midshipman that love is rare, precious and worth fighting for." Behind the text are a man and a woman kissing.

It took a few days to go live everywhere, but A Midnight Clear is available (and FREE) wherever e-books are sold, including AmazoniBooksB&NGoogle Play, and Kobo. And it should be free internationally; let me know if this isn’t the case. You can also add it to your Goodreads shelves, join the Fly Me to the Moon mailing list, or check out the book’s Pinterest board (be warned, it’s kind of spoiler-y).

A Midnight Clear is a sweet and romantic holiday cocktail for you from Gen and me. I hope you love it!

Party Lines: Release Day

I’m fascinated by opposites-attract love affairs. All romances include components of this; we don’t want to see people who are too similar fall in love–where’s the fun in that? But some chasms are more difficult than others to bridge. And in politics, party affiliation might be the most charged of all.

A year ago, I was writing a book about a secret affair on the campaign trail between two ambitious, jaded people who can’t seem to shake each other. They yield to the inevitable…and well, things get more complicated from there. There is banter and lots of clandestine meetings in hotel rooms. There’s a scandal and an election. And despite all their best intentions for there not to be, there just might be love too.

Party Lines Cover

That book was Party Lines and today it’s available at AmazonB&NCarinaiBooksKoboAll Romance, and Google Play. You can also add it to your Goodreads shelves.

I’ve written about it here, but also elsewhere. A few other pieces will go up throughout the week and I’ll update this post as they do.

– If you haven’t already, check out the book’s Pinterest board. It’s mostly music (no pictures of Michael and Lydia); if you email me, I’ll share my secret celebrity inspirations.

–  At the Carina blog, I wrote about the folks behind the podium and why they’re the heroes and heroines of The Easy Part series.

– There’s an exclusive excerpt at A Little Bit Tart, A Little Bit Sweet.


– Also at the Carina blog, I wrote about the thin line between love and hate.

Private Politics Release Day

A year ago, I was finishing the first draft of a book. A book about a snuggly blogger hero and the socialite fundraiser he loves from afar. About a scandal and money and influence. About finding yourself and shattering others’ expectations. And about shoes–lots of shoes.

Private Politics Cover

That book, Private Politics, is now out! And you can buy it at cool places like AmazonB&NCarinaiBooksKoboAll Romance, and Google Play or add it to your Goodreads shelves.

I had to write Special Interests, the first book in the series. Millie and Parker wouldn’t leave me alone. Writing was an attempt to excise them from my head. That translated into the intense chemistry between the characters.

Alyse and Liam were different. Writing their book was scarier because my publisher had bought it on spec and I was worried about living up to their expectations. But it was also the first thing I’d written where I felt confident about myself as a writer–where I thought about myself as a writer at all. And for that reason, it’s a very special book to me.

To celebrate its release, I’m going to gift three (3) copies to lucky winners. In fact, the winners can decide if they’d prefer Special Interests or Private Politics, in case they haven’t yet dipped their toes into the world of my sexy, smart, overworked, and frequently hilarious political aides.

So enter today. As Rafflecopter and WordPress don’t get along, here’s the link.

And, to whet your whistle, a third and final entry in The Easy Part series will be released on January 12, 2015: Party Lines. Because if you thought DC was fun, you haven’t met the campaign trail.

Special Interests Release Day!

A year ago this happened…

Carina Pitch Screenshot


…and now the book is available at at AmazonB&NCarinaiBooksKoboAll Romance, and Google Play. Also Goodreads.

I wrote Special Interests because I had to, specifically because I had to get a scene out of my head. In almost an act of exorcism, I wrote it down and put it away.

It didn’t work.

But why are they acting like that? I asked myself. So I figured out the characters’ previous interactions, and their backstories, and then what happened next. I’m being intentionally vague because that first scene is essentially chapter 10 (the dialogue changed very little). From that odd little scene, the book grew.

I was at the Goddess Fish release party yesterday with some teasers. I’ll update this post throughout the week should any more coverage appear. But in the meantime, I’m excited and nervous and apprehensive and thrilled it’s finally out.

Mostly, though, I’m grateful to the people who supported me when I was writing the book, who took it seriously and helped me make it better, and who have told me they want to read it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Special Interests isn’t autobiographical, but it is deeply personal. If you do pick it up–no pressure!–I hope you’ll like it.

ETA: So I’d been linking to reviews, etc. here and–surprise!–it created trackblogs on those blogs. Oops. Technological stupidity strikes again! I deleted those links because I didn’t want to mess with reader-only spaces or to seem like I was censoring them in any way. I love reviews–any and all reviews–and definitely don’t want to meddle. I’ve contacted the blogs and asked them to delete the trackbacks. But in the meantime, just pretend I was never there. ; )