Special Interests On Sale!

Good news: from now until June 22, Special Interests is only 99 cents! This price should be live everywhere it’s for sale in both the United States and Canada. In the year since its release, this is the first time Special Interests has been on sale. If you’ve been waiting to buy it, now is the time.

stylized text against pretty backdrop that reads,

If you need them, here are the buy links: Amazon | B&N | Carina | iBooks | KoboGoogle Play.

Since my books aren’t on sale often, and I’d like more people to check out the series, I’ll be obnoxious about this on social media in the next two weeks. I apologize in advance!

Also, there are three complete or nearly complete things on my hard drive, two of which I’m planning to self-publish this year. So if you’ve been waiting for new words from me, they’re coming.

ETA: I scheduled this to go up over the weekend, but as of Monday morning, the sale price isn’t live yet anywhere except Amazon Canada. I’ll let you know when it shows up.

ETA2: Okay, the sale price appears to be up most places and should be everywhere soon.

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