Boosting the Signal

I’m so grateful to Angela Korra’ti for hosting me today as part of her Boosting the Signal series so that Parker can send (or not send) a memo. If you’ve read the book, he would have drafted this little extra after the meeting in chapter 3.

If you haven’t, it’s a little insight to the snippy, sexy relationship between an arrogant, cynical congressional aide and an idealistic, vulnerable labor organizer. (ETA: for newbies, Millie and Parker meet, she hits on him, he turns her down, and, then, as tends to happen in Washington, she ends up in his office for a meeting. Sparks fly. The memo extra is an attempt to tamp that down–though of course it won’t work.)

For more information about Special Interests, including the first chapter, look here. And for information about book 2–which features their friends Alyse and Liam and a seedy money-laundering scandal–check out Private Politics.

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