2015 in Review


Let’s do this again! In 2015,

  • I released Party Lines, a book I’m fiercely proud of;
  • Gen and I finished writing Star Dust, plus we edited and released it;
  • Gen and I wrote, edited, and released A Midnight Clear;
  • I got the rights back for Brave in Heart;
  • I finished a novella in The Easy Part series, though whether I’ll publish it is unclear;
  • I wrote 20K on a standalone novella (and I may have figured out what to do with it!);
  • Gen and I wrote a good chunk of Earth Bound; and
  • I wrote a good chunk of two other books, each of which would kick-off a new contemporary series.

My total words written this year is again in the 100K-range, which isn’t where I’d like for it to be, so I need to get that side of things in gear. I also read 50ish new-to-me books (plus I did a lot of comfort re-reading).

My goal for next year is to publish (or republish) four projects, to query agents with the contemporary romance I’m writing, and to work more consistently and happily and with less self-consciousness.

I’m wishing you, dear reader, a happy and healthy 2016.

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