2014 in Review

2013 was a fantastic one in my writing life: I sold and released Brave in Heart and sold The Easy Part series. 2014 was more measured. Don’t get me wrong–wonderful things happened. For example:

  • I released Special Interests. Some people read it. Some peopled reviewed it (and some of them liked it). All of this shocked and delighted me.
  • I edited and released Private Politics. Ditto with readers and reviewers. Ditto ditto with shock and delight.
  • I wrote and edited Party Lines, which’ll be out in a few weeks. I’m nervous about it but I also love it and I think it’s different from everything else I’ve written–hopefully in a good way. (Don’t forget to enter my giveaway, which ends tonight.)
  • I wrote many beginnings and middles of books, both historical and contemporary…but none of them sold, or are scheduled, or are even finished.
  • I read lots of wonderful books and wrote many blog entries.
  • I defended my dissertation.

My words of fiction written this year total is probably in the 100-120,000 range, which is less than I had hoped. So my goal for next year is to write consistently.

I hope to have more releases next year after Party Lines: watch this space for updates. But in the meantime, I’m thankful for the people I’ve gotten to know writing. Most of all to Gen Turner, who is awesome beyond belief, but all the people I talk to on Twitter, the people who’ve read and reviewed my books, and everyone who has edited and promoted them: you rock!

Here’s to hoping for words and inspiration and joy in 2015.

4 thoughts on “2014 in Review

  1. *You’re* the one who’s awesome beyond belief–and next year we will finish an publish the super secret project. And it will be awesome beyond belief.

    So here’s to a bigger and better 2015!

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