Party Lines: Teaser 3

We’re one week away from Party Lines‘ release! You get one more excerpt. It’s short but juicy.

His skimmed a hand over her cheek. She didn’t stop him.

“You ruined my day.”

“And doing that made mine.” She set one hand and then the other on his shoulders.

This shouldn’t be. He shouldn’t touch her. He shouldn’t want to touch her more. This was a colossally bad idea.

Moving slowly, Michael leaned down until their lips were millimeters apart. He could taste her from that distance, the wariness and arousal, the hesitation and anticipation. The air moved between them, from his lungs into hers, and back to his, so hyper-charged it hurt. He hurt. Wanting her hurt.

He could cross the space, kiss her and go back to working on dissembling Republicans the next day. Or he could stop this crazy thing before it went too far—

I wonder which one he’ll choose.

You can pre-order Party Lines at AmazonB&NCarinaiBooksKobo, and Google Play or add it to your Goodreads shelves. Reviewers can request it at Netgalley.

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