The Rogue Hearts Series

NB: the series went out of print on May 9, 2020, but I’m maintaining the series page for historic reasons. You can get the three Rogue novelettes I wrote in my collection Dispatches.

Rogue Desire (Book 1): When all else fails, find love. Eight brand new romances for fans of the West Wing, fired-up #resistance fighters, and everyone who ever had a crush on that guy at a protest…

rogue affair cover

Rogue Affair (Book 2): When all else fails, find passion. Ten all-new resistance romances for readers who take their happily ever afters with love, hate, and all the dirty bits in between.

Rogue Acts (Book 3): when resistance turns to action, love always wins. Seven new romances for readers who love as hard as they believe.

(Note: I don’t have a story in Rogue Acts, but it’s still awesome)

rogue hearts cover

Rogue Hearts (Book 4): from high office to the heartland, six brand-new romances about #resistance for readers who haven’t given up hope for a Happily Ever After.