The Tenant of Wildfell Hall Read Along!

picture of books on shelves, including several titles by the Brontes and Jane Austen

For several years, my critique partner/co-writer Genevieve Turner has been trying to get me to read Anne Bronte’s The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1848). “It’s a feminist novel with a kickass heroine,” she’s argued. “You’ll like it.” Every time I’d mention some obscure nineteenth-century American novel with a subversive heroine, she’d say, “But in Tenant of Wildfell Hall, something even more shocking happens.”

And I…have been stubbornly refusing, or–if not refusing–avoiding. I like Jane Erye a lot; you may remember my theory that while Jane Austen gave romance a parcel of plots, the Bronte sisters gave the contemporary genre a style. (I’ve actually written about Austen, see also this.) But I’m a bit lukewarm on the Brontes I’ve read other than Jane Eyre.

However, loving Gen as I do, I’m going to trust her and avoid Tenant no longer. You’re cordially invited to a read-along. Bronte fangirls on their tenth re-read (like Gen) are welcome; so are newbies (like me)! The book is divided into three volumes. Our plan is to discuss Vol. 1 on Twitter on December 21 at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST using the hashtag #TOWH. We’ll tackle Vol. 2 at the same time on December 28 and Vol. 3 on the evening of January 4.

If you want to join us, the free e-book is available at Amazon, iBooksB&N, Google Play, Kobo, and Project Gutenberg and you can add it to your Goodreads shelves. I hope to see you there!

PS Speaking of things to read, A Midnight Clear is still out, still free, and still adorable. It’s one of the titles in today’s holiday-themed Stuff Your Kindle event; check out the rest here!

2 thoughts on “The Tenant of Wildfell Hall Read Along!

  1. This is exciting! Tenant is my second-favourite Bronte novel (after Jane Eyre, of course), so I’m glad Gen has finally convinced you to read it! The narrative structure is fascinating too. I will try to join your read-along, but holiday plans may get in the way.

    1. I understand that it’s a tricky time of year, but we’d love to have you if you’re free/around. Depending on how the Twitter discussions go, I may write some posts too. I definitely want to hear your thoughts on the book!

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