Happy Book Birthday, Private Politics!

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One year ago, Liam and Alyse’s story stepped out into the world. An author probably shouldn’t choose favorites, but Liam is my favorite hero I’ve written: he’s smart, enthusiastic, and cuddly. He loves Alyse’s ambition and he wants to help her get what she wants on her terms. He’s not a pushover, and when Alyse takes advantage, he protects himself. But he wants a partner not a doormat.

Here are my top five Liam moments:

  1. He’s self depreciating: “He sat up a little straighter and pushed his shoulders back. After all, if she was going to look at him, really look at him, for the first time maybe ever, he might as well try to maximize his assets. Such as they were. Never mind, he had no assets, which was the problem, but still, he wanted to look like someone she could trust.” (Kindle Locations 323-325)
  2. He’s crazy into Alyse: “She shifted against him and the fantasy faded. It wasn’t like he needed a story to make this moment meaningful. Alyse, in his arms, wanting to be there, was enough. He was so far gone for her it wasn’t even funny.” (Kindle Locations 621-623)
  3. He loves his grandma: “… his mother had chosen a picture of him with his arm around his grandmother taken about a year prior. She’d cropped the image, but you could still see the edge of a little gray head at his shoulder. Not understated, that. She’d probably barely restrained herself from adding a caption, ‘And he loves family.’ At least he was laughing. At least he looked like himself, relaxed and a bit sloppy. No false advertising here. Well, he did like family. He wasn’t ashamed.” (Kindle Locations 697-701)
  4. He’s into long, lingering glances: “One block became another. Their bodies swayed as the cab jolted over the District’s bumpy streets, but neither of them looked away. If only for tonight, if only because she was scared, he might have a shot with her. It might be taking advantage. It was certainly stupid. It wasn’t personal, he knew it wasn’t personal, but it might be enough to be present. For tonight at least, she might be open to it, open to him.” (Kindle Locations 1136-1139).
  5.  When he finally goes for it, he’s absurdly hot:”In an exhalation more breath than voice, he urged, ‘Tell me what you want.’

    That was all? Then he’d do it?

    ‘Kiss me.’ Her voice was husky, needy and desperate. Damn transparent voice. Still he didn’t move.

    ‘Say my name.’

    She trembled. ‘Liam, kiss me.'” (Kindle Locations 1618-1620)

Don’t worry–he does!

If you need a dependable, sweet, cuddly new book boyfriend, check out Private Politics.

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