eARCs of Party Lines

Party Lines is now on NetGalley!

I feel somewhat weird posting this because I support the blogger blackout and have concerns about the commercialization of book discussion. But…I wrote the book and I’m proud of it and I want people to read it.

While all of the books in the series are oppositions attract romances, this is an enemies-have-a-steamy-affair book–an affair that threatens their jobs, values, and sense of self. It’s banter-y and fun and heart-wrenching and, yes, they exchange flirty emails wherein they fight about the Bill of Rights. Oh, and there’s a presidential campaign. This is probably the only romance anyone can name that includes parts of stump speeches because I’m really good at knowing what readers want. (Ha!)

If you blog about or review contemporary romance and are interested in featuring or reviewing the book, doing an interview with me, running an excerpt, etc., please send me an email–-author.emma.barry (at) gmail.com–-and we’ll see if we can work something out. I don’t actually have ARCs yet (hopefully soon!), but if you have a problem with your NetGalley request, or if you don’t use NetGalley, let me know.

For more information about the book, including the opening chapter, look here.

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