Reviews and Spotlight Round-Up

Our vision of a writer working alone in a garret, the solitary genius producing art on his own, couldn’t be more wrong. And not just the genius part, at least not where I’m concerned: books simply aren’t produced by one person working alone, not in one in a hundred instances. While I may have drafted on my own, I wouldn’t be able to write and to polish without the support of my critique partner, the lovely Genevieve Turner, the editors at Crimson, and my beta readers (particularly Kimberly Truesdale).

But if writing and revising a book require the efforts of dozens of people, marketing and promoting takes a smallish army. For Brave in Heart’s release week, the book was featured and reviewed all over the place. In case you missed any of these…

Over at the Crimson Editors blog, I blame Ken Burns (the documentary filmmaker) for my career as a romance novelist.

Jamie and Kati at Romancing the Rake spotlighted the book.

Long Ago Love ran an excerpt.

USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog noted Brave in Heart in its round-up of new historical releases.

The book was reviewed at Chick Lit Reviews and NewsBadass RomanceRomantic Historical Lovers, Romance Reviews Today, Reading with Analysis, and The Reading Cafe. While some reviewers have loved Brave in Heart, others were more circumspect — but all have been thoughtful about a book that I know isn’t the typical historical romance fare, from the heavy setting to the non-alpha hero. I’m overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone who read and supported the book in its first week of release.

Thank you all so much!

4 thoughts on “Reviews and Spotlight Round-Up

  1. I absolutely loved this book. I normally do not read romance novels, howevput this one downer, I could not put this one down. There was just enough spice and suspense to keep me reading until I finished it in one day. Thank you so much for writing this book. I can’t wait for your next endeavor.

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