My Favorite Bits: The Easy Part

Two and a half weeks ago, Party Lines released. In the push to get the book out and recover from the holidays, I don’t think it hit me that I wrote a series–three loosely connected books. And edited it. And now it’s all out.

The Easy Part books can be read in any order but they explore the same theme: the characters have reached the outer edge of young adulthood and are realizing they are unsatisfied with their lives. They are smart, ambitious people who want to change the world, but they haven’t yet and, frankly, they’re unlikely to. But that knowledge is freeing. It permits them to redefine what success means and who they want to share it with while they work to pass a federal budget (Special Interests), expose a corruption scandal (Private Politics), and get someone elected president (Party Lines).

I’d definitely do some things differently if I could have the first books back, but I’m fiercely proud of all three novels.

So as a thank you to everyone who’s read the books and reviewed them and talked with me about them, I wanted to revisit some of my favorite moments.

Warning: minor spoilers ahead!

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