Happy 100th Post!

In the course of fifteen months, I’ve posted 100 times (!!!), chronicling my journey from being an aspiring novelist, to publishing a historical romance with a small e-press, to selling a contemporary series to a big e-press. It’s been stupefying. To celebrate, here are my top ten posts in no particular order:

  • Politics and the Romance Novel: by a factor of several hundred page views, this is the most widely-read post I’ve written. It may in fact be the most widely read thing I’ve ever written. In it, I argue genre romance is political and we should stop pretending it’s not.
  • Margaret Mitchell’s Long Shadow: I consider what it means to write Civil War romance in a post-Gone with the Wind world (with a heavy dose of Lost Cause ideology).
  • Against Alpha Heroes: I opine against the narrow confines of masculinity for romance novel heroes.
  • Why Should You Read Brave in Heart?: eight reasons why you should read my debut novel. If you haven’t read Brave in Heart, what’s stopping you? (And if you have, can I say without being completely obnoxious that writers love it when you review their books. Hint hint.)
  • A Fine Romance Friday: Once: my favorite fine romance Friday post, in which I make a case for the Irish indie (and bittersweet romance) Once.
  • How Historical?: I ponder what readers mean when they talk about verisimilitude in historical romance.
  • Land Where Our Fathers Died: pictures and reflections on my visit to the Chancellorsville battlefield (a setting for Brave in Heart).
  • The Waltz That’s Viennes-y: I love Viennese light opera and relate The Merry Widow to romance novel tropes.
  • Kern de Sache: thoughts on what we read when we read romance.
  • Hard Work: thoughts on why we read romance.

What would you like to see in the next 100 posts?