The Easy Part

Compared to love, politics is easy.

This series went out of print in January 2022 when my rights reverted. I’ve republished it with new titles and covers (and some very slight changes) as the Political Persuasions series.

Special Interests Cover

Special Interests (Book 1): a shy labor organizer and an arrogant congressional aide clash over the federal budget but find love the more difficult negotiation.

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Private Politics Cover

Private Politics (Book 2): A non-profit fundraiser needs help dealing with a scandal from a political blogger, but as their hearts and ambitions collide, they find out that everything in Washington comes with a price.

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Party Lines Cover

Party Lines (Book 3): As a presidential campaign rages, and a reckless affair becomes a relationship, a cynical Democrat and an ambitious Republican will have to choose between party loyalty and their hearts.

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