2023 Goals

Following last year’s example, I’m going to make my writing goals public for accountability. I’ve focused on things I can control rather than the things I wish might happen. Those, I’ll keep to myself.

  • Finish revising the thing I’m working on. Let’s call it Snowshoe. I’d like to get that done and to my agent in January.
  • Return to the secret book, revising what I have and finishing it. I’d like to complete this by June.
  • Write another book in the second half of the year. I have a veritable cornucopia of proposals, and I hope by summer, it will be clear which one I should work on next.
  • Survive not one but two book releases. I haven’t had two full-length books come out in a single year since 2015. So I need to remember how to get through this with my sanity intact.
  • Continue to play the piano most days.
  • Restart jogging. No really, I mean it this time.
  • Continue to use social media less.

And that’s my plan for the next 12 months!

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