Emma Barry: Where to Start

I’ll update this post as I release new books, but here’s my backlist organized by theme, trope, and subgenre.

  • Funny Guy: Childhood best friends to lovers + forced proximity with chaos Muppet/order Muppet vibes, it’s a contemporary romance about a comedian hiding out from a media firestorm in the tiny apartment of his best friend, who happens to be in love with him.
  • Chick Magnet: A grumpy-sunshine, forced proximity, contemporary romance about a backyard chicken keeping social media influencer and a small town veterinarian who are uneasy neighbors, then tentative friends, until their midnight confessions—about her gaslighting ex and his failing practice—blossom into something like love.
  • The One You Want: Opposite-attract with playboy male main character. A political workplace contemporary romance about an idealist and a cynic who can’t stay away from each other during a budget negotiation.
  • The One You Need: This is a friends to lovers with an average looking/normal male main character. It’s a contemporary romance about a money laundering scandal, and the fundraiser and independent journal who crack it open.
  • The One You Hate: This is enemies to lovers. It’s a contemporary romance about a steamy secret affair between aides to rival campaigns during a presidential election.
  • The One You Crave: This anthology features contemporary romances about a political aide and a rock star (“Aspiring”); legislative aides (“Kissing and Other Forms of Sedition”); journalist rivals (“The Fourth Estate”); and a campaign manager and a candidate (“Run”). These are all political romances, many with workplace settings and one set in a small town. The tropes are rockstar, friends to lovers, rivals, and second chance with a first love.
  • Star Dust: It’s a forced proximity (neighbors) historical romance with an astronaut male main character and a divorced, single parent female main character. It’s like Pillow Talk but with astronauts.
  • Earth Bound: It’s a historical romance with workplace, secret affair, and STEM protagonists tropes. It’s like Apollo 13, but with a major amount of steam. This is a reader favorite!
  • Round Midnight: This holiday anthology (Christmas and New Year’s Eve), with love at first sight (A Midnight Clear) and best friend’s sibling (A Midnight Kiss) tropes. These are historical romances set in the late 1940s/early 1950s.
  • A Midnight Feast: This historical romance novella has marriage in trouble, holiday (American Thanksgiving), and astronaut male main character tropes.
  • Free Fall: This is a historical marriage of convenience/shotgun wedding/accidental pregnancy with an age gap, astronaut male main character, and plus size female main character tropes.
  • Appassionata: This is a contemporary romance that features second chance with a first crush/friends to lovers, workplace romance with a concert pianist female main character and a piano technician male main character.
  • Free: This is friends to lovers, workplace, and small town tropes. It’s a contemporary romantic suspense that subverts motorcycle club romance tropes.

If you want something fluffy and swoony, try Star Dust or The One You Want.

If you want angst (knowing it’ll all work out), try A Midnight Feast.

If you want a grumpy-sunshine pairing, try Chick Magnet or Free Fall.

If you want heroes who break the romance mold, try Appassionata and The One You Need.

If you’re looking for happily child-free couples, try Earth Bound and The One You Hate.

If you want “one of us is famous” or sick bed caretaking, try Funny Guy.

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