Happy Valentine’s Day

Um, it’s Valentine’s Day.

It snuck up on me in the way a holiday whose date never changes can. I’ve been writing a lot (I have about six projects in various stages), so I don’t have a special post this year. Instead, let’s revisit Valentine’s posts of years gone by.

  • We have a list of my favorite love songs.
  • Some handwritten love letters from my Civil War historical.
  • The first chapter to the sequel to the Civil War romance that will probably remain unwritten.
  • An extended epilogue to Private Politics.

Have a lovely day if you’re celebrating and a nice Tuesday if not.

ETA: oh, and Star Dust is still free if you need a Valentine’s Day read. Plus it’ll get you all excited for all the Fly Me to the Moon installments Genevieve and I are writing. Grab yours today at AmazoniBooksB&NGoogle Play, or Kobo.

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