Social Justice Romance Fiction

Someone found my blog through the search phrase “social justice romance fiction,” which is indeed what The Easy Part series is. But the query got me thinking about other romances featuring characters interested in social justice, which might include activists, volunteers, revolutionaries, political aides, community organizers, and so on. I asked on Twitter for suggestions and then started a list on Goodreads. I feel like a goober adding my own books…but I did it anyway. If you’re a Goodreads user, please add, edit, vote, etc.

It does raise a few interesting questions for me: is every police officer or fireman romance a social justice one? What about teachers? Or doctors? I guess the list-makers at Goodreads will decide.

2 thoughts on “Social Justice Romance Fiction

  1. What’s your definition of “social justice romance”? Just that a character has a job that is related to social justice? Or that the novel itself includes social justice themes/ideas/ideology?

    1. Maybe we need three separate lists:

      – Books that do social justice work by (for example) deconstructing traditional gender or class roles,
      – Books that show characters working in public service jobs (so certain kinds of doctors, teachers, certain kinds of lawyers, some clergy, and police/firefighters) but not necessarily trying to change the status quo, and
      – Books that show characters work in social justice fields who want some kind of social change.

      I would hope that books in the second two categories would (or could) also do number one, but at this point, I’m having the most trouble coming up with titles with social justice characters. So the books I put on the list all have at least one major character who works in a social justice job/contain social justice subplots.

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