Friday Flash Giveaway

So it’s my children’s birthday. Children’s plural. Birthday singular. Yes, three years ago I had twins and ever since then, it’s been sheer utter craziness.

To celebrate, I’m giving away one digital copy of my debut novel, Brave in Heart, via Amazon or Barnes and Noble (winner’s choice). Just a leave a comment below and I’ll pick a winner at random after midnight EST on Friday, December 27, 2013.


5 thoughts on “Friday Flash Giveaway

  1. Ooo, this looks really intriguing. For some reason, there aren’t a lot of historicals with Civil War setting; it’ll be interesting to see how this is managed

  2. Happy birthday to your little ones! I’ve been trying to up my reading of historical fiction set in the Civil War since moving to Virginia a year ago (hard to escape it here…. LOL) so your debut work would be a great addition. I’m intrigued by the concept of your next work as well ….. What a change! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

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