2 thoughts on “My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

  1. Oops! I forgot to add a caption. I snapped this picture in the Chancellorsville Battlefield Visitor’s Center earlier this year.

    And seriously, these guys are gorgeous and I want to read about them in your manuscript, like, yesterday.

  2. If you’re curious, here are the captions from the visitor’s center.

    Guy on left: “Private Charles C. Davenport, 2nd Louisiana Infantry. During the fierce May 3, 1863, fighting at Chancellorsville, a Union bullet pierced the right eye of young Charlie Davenport, leaving him blinded for life. After spending several weeks in a Richmond hospital, he returned home to Louisiana where, just months later, he married his girlfriend, Sara Jane Lyon. He lived to the age of 76.”

    Guy on right: “Captain Oscar D. Robinson, 9th New Hampshire Infantry. This 23-year-old Plainfield resident was a sergeant in December 1862 when his regiment attacked the stone wall at Fredericksburg. After the war he penned an account of the battle.”

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