A Fine Romance Friday: Now, Voyager

There are moments in life — like when you’re trying to finish writing your dissertation, revising a novel, getting your two-year-old to stop biting his sister, and figuring out what you’re going to do with the rest of your life  — when you need Bette Davis.

“What would Bette do?” is a question that I have actually asked myself. The woman was always a tower of strength on screen. Sometimes she’s not at the beginning, but by the end, she’s found her way in a hostile world and she’s found her man too and she absolutely won’t apologize.

Everyone knows All About Eve — and I adore the central relationship in that film — but Now, Voyager is more focused on the romance. So this week’s fine romance recommendation is Irving Rapper’s 1942 weepie with Davis and Paul Henreid.

It’s the story of a frumpy, introverted Boston Brahman spinster who gets some new clothes, goes on a cruise to South America, and falls in love with Paul Henreid. As one does. Warning: it doesn’t feature a traditional happily ever after, but I don’t think you’ll care because Bette Davis will teach you how to live.

Author: Emma

Emma is a novelist, full-time mama, recovering academic, and former political staffer. When she’s not reading or writing, she loves her twins' hugs, her husband’s cooking, her cat’s whiskers, her dog’s tail, and Earl Grey tea.

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