A Fine Romance Friday: A Room with a View

Yesterday was a sad day for people who like movies. The loss that’s getting the most attention is Robert Ebert, the beloved film critic. Like seemingly everyone, I adored Ebert’s writing. He was always lucent and he knew what, and why, he liked — an astonishingly rare gift, even for a critic. He wrote about popular film and art film with the same insight and wasn’t afraid to give a good review to a blockbuster or to pan something pretentious. He was also, judging by Twitter, a lovely human being. Popular film writing will never be the same.

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala also died. She wrote the screenplays for most of the Merchant-Ivory films, including A Room with a View and Howard’s End, both of which garnered her Academy Awards. In her honor, A Room with a View is today’s fine romance.

Gorgeous. The cinematography, the setting, the acting, and oh the music! I have chills.

For fun, here’s Ebert’s review of A Room with a View, to which he gave four stars and of which he said, “It is an intellectual film, but intellectual about emotions: It encourages us to think about how we feel, instead of simply acting on our feelings.”

Thank you, Robert and Ruth, for showing so much passion about the movies.

Author: Emma

Emma is a novelist, full-time mama, recovering academic, and former political staffer. When she’s not reading or writing, she loves her twins' hugs, her husband’s cooking, her cat’s whiskers, her dog’s tail, and Earl Grey tea.

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