It’s Good to Have Goals

Golden Heart nominations are being announced today. I didn’t enter so this doesn’t directly involve me at all. But if I haven’t signed a contract, I hope that in a year it will involve me. I can’t make finaling in Golden Heart a goal — after all, there’s nothing I can do to make that happen other than submitting a manuscript — but here are things that I’d like to accomplish before next year’s nominees are announced:

  • Finish revising The Easy Part
  • Finish writing and revising August and Matilda’s novel (the sequel to Brave in Heart)
  • Start, finish, and revise Alyse and Liam’s novel (the sequel to The Easy Part)
  • Submit The Easy Part and August and Matilda’s novel to a contest this summer
  • Continue querying and submitting to agents and editors through the summer and fall
  • Submit at least one manuscript to the 2014 Golden Heart

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