Books Categorized by Hogwarts House

Smart Bitches Trashy Books had a brilliant rec league today asking for Slytherin-Hufflepuff pairings. I adore this idea because it’s gender neutral, descriptive, involves both (or all) the protagonists (not just the hero), and it gets us out of the alpha-beta framework.

So for fun, I categorized every book I’ve written–all thirteen of them (!!!). Do you think I put everyone in the right house? I could’ve used the sorting hat a few times.

Special Interests: Slytherin/Ravenclaw blend/Parker and Hufflepuff/Gryffindor blend/Millie

Private Politics: Hufflepuff/Liam and Slytherin/Alyse

Party Lines: Slytherin/Michael and Slytherin/Lydia

Free“: Hufflepuff/Brad and Gryffindor/Wren

Kissing and Other Forms of Sedition“: Hufflepuff/Graham and Ravenclaw/Cadence

The Fourth Estate“: Slytherin/Drew and Gryffindor/Brynn

Run“: Slytherin/Adam and Gryffindor/Maddie

Star Dust: Gryffindor/Kit and Slytherin/Anne-Marie

Earth Bound: Slytherin/Parsons and Ravenclaw/Charlie

A Midnight Clear: Gryffindor/Hufflepuff blend/Joe and Hufflepuff/Frances

A Midnight Kiss: Ravenclaw/Greg and Slytherin/Hufflepuff blend/Betty

A Midnight Feast: Gryffindor/Mitch and Hufflepuff/Slytherin blend/Margie

Free Fall: Gryffindor/Dean and Hufflepuff/Vivy

2 thoughts on “Books Categorized by Hogwarts House

  1. Dear Emma, just sent your uncle a Dumbledore cap…. thinking he was in Gryffindor ????


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