Emma Barry: Where to Start

I’ll update this post as I release new books, but here’s my backlist organized by theme, trope, and subgenre.

  • Star Dust: forced proximity (neighbors); astronaut hero; divorced, single parent heroine
  • Earth Bound: workplace; secret affair; STEM hero and heroine
  • Round Midnight: holiday (Christmas and New Year’s Eve); love at first sight (A Midnight Clear); best friend’s sibling (A Midnight Kiss)
  • A Midnight Feast: marriage in trouble; holiday (Thanksgiving); astronaut hero
  • Free Fall: marriage of convenience/shotgun wedding/accidental pregnancy; age gap; astronaut hero
  • Special Interests: opposites attract; workplace; political romance; playboy hero
  • Private Politics: friends to lovers; normal guy hero
  • Party Lines: enemies to lovers; secret affair; political romance; workplace
  • “Appassionata” in He’s Come Undone: second chance with a first love/friends to lovers; workplace; concert pianist heroine; piano tuner hero
  • Dispatches: friends to lovers (“Kissing”); enemies to lovers (“Fourth”); second chance with a first love (“Run”); political romances; workplace; small town
  • Free: friends to lovers; workplace; small town; motorcycle club

Contemporary Romance:

Historical Romance:

Motorcycle Romance:

Space Race Romance:

Political Romance:

Swoony and Low Angst:


Workplace Setting:

Romantic Suspense:

We Are Never Having Kids:

Small Town/Montana:


Beta and Cinnamon Roll Heroes:

Prominent Female Friendship:

…start here because they’re having a secret affair.

…start here because they’re neighbors and it’s like Pillow Talk but with space travel.

…start here because he’s always adored her.

…start here because it’s free and will give you a preview of my voice.

Author: Emma

Emma is a novelist, full-time mama, recovering academic, and former political staffer. When she’s not reading or writing, she loves her twins' hugs, her husband’s cooking, her cat’s whiskers, her dog’s tail, and Earl Grey tea.

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